Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training with Bourke Soon

Hi All,

I wanted to give everyone a quick update. I went to a conference this past week for OIF/OEF women veterans. It was in California and the weather was wonderful. It was also great to meet other veterans and talk about our issues. It was both saddening and happy at the same time. I was in a room full of veterans, some with PTSD, and I realized how bad my symptoms were. I was unable to sit in the circle with the other women. I was also unable to stay in the room when there was flash photography. I was one of the few individuals who had this problem. However, at one point another vet gave me encouragement and hope. She reminded me that it doesn't always have to be this way. They have some great therapies and medications out there. There is also a faith based promise that I hold onto. I have been promised a hope, future, and healing. It was great to talk to and connect with someone who has been there. Another up note is that I was able to make the flight out and home. I missed several flights, due to PTSD and brain issues, that made getting home difficult. I did experience some flashbacks and high anxiety on the flight. However, I made the flight and I am proud of that. I think I will by buying Bourke some extra special treats as a reward for my flight. The other good news is that I get to start training with Bourke in March. I can't wait to see him and start our training. I will blog as I begin my training.

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