Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seeing the Postive

Hi All,

I wanted to get one last blog in before the paper and last month of the semester saps my soul. Sadly my grades are not great and will require some serious work. I am hoping the headaches, balance issues, and sleep problems will decrease. I was having a particularly rough week this week. The headaches have been through the roof and I have missed several appointments. I think missing appointments are the hardest thing for me. I feel unreliable and it further isolate me. The social interaction, or lack of, makes it difficult to keep my spirits up. However, I have decided to focus things that will help me keep going when all I want to do is stay in bed.
Writing and sharing them helps. So you get to be a part of the therapeutic process. Here you go:

Aprils' Top Ten list of reasons to not to give in when I want to give up

1) Blue ridge half marathon walk/run (more like walk but I will finally get to wear my cool Paws4Vets T-Shirt)
2) Petco visits where I can look at toys for my future family member (I have heard you can put peanut butter in them, things to ask)
3) Natural Bridge (where I can watch leaves change and it is incredibly calm)
4) Coconut Ice Cream (The best thing ever when you are wheat free/gluten free)
5) My cat who is sitting next to me now. He is mad that I am paying more attention to the computer than him
6) The goal of getting my Masters in Counseling (I have been working on this for over five years and will get it)
7) The look of the faces on the women in the prison who train service dogs (if they have hope I certainly can)
8) My moms coke chili and laugh (I am seeing a pattern that food is important, hmmh)
9) My little sisters teasing voice on the other end of the phone
10) Biking with the husband (great cheap date night)

Thanks for reading.


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