Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to the world

Hi All,

It has been a little while since I have written. School has been rough this semester and I have been sick. However, I am back on the road to recovery. The immune system has been shot due to the PTSD. It has been hard to get sleep on a regular basis, which destroys the immune system, and things have become more difficult.This semester has had several bright spots. One of them was being able to see the new puppies. They were adorable. Each one had a very distinct personality. It was great to see them running around and exhausting themselves. At one point someone told one of the puppies that it "would grow up to do great things". I think it is a great message that many of us could use. The puppy trip was a reward I gave myself for going to a school. It was a stressful experience but very rewarding. It also showed me that I can still be around children. The kids were adorable and were learning valuable skills. They were learning delayed gratification. It was very impressive. They were also learning coping strategies. The great thing was that the dog was just hanging out and having fun. It has been a crazy month with lots of adjustments. I am looking forward to break and spoiling future puppies.

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