Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting to Know the Local Law Enforcement

Hi All,

I thought I would do a real quick blog before the end of the semester draws near. Things are looking hopeful and I am starting a new medication. It seems to be helping but there are a few side effects I will need to watch. Fortunately nothing major is occuring with the new medication. Hopefully, these side effects will go away over time.
I am also realizing how much better I feel. My sleep schedule has some small improvements and I was able to sit down at church this week. This is a significant step. Unfortunately, not all my symptoms are gone.
I was driving this evening and I saw headlights in my rear view window. I get a little edgy when someone is behind me at night. I often let drivers go around me so that I can concentrate on the road. The driver I was trying to let pass tonight was law enforcement. He proceeded to put on flashing lights and shine bright lights into my face. This normally would have prevented me from functioning.
However, in this instance I was able to deal with my anxiety and stay grounded. It is nice to see improvement. I am hoping to see improvement without the aide of law enforcement. I am also realizing that I may need to continue to take baby steps with night driving.
Who knows maybe my next career will be getting pulled over for friends who wish to meet eligable police officers. Maybe not the best career choice. On a side note the Marine Corps Marathon is this weekend. It is in the Washington D.C. area. I am wearing the Paws 4 Vets T-shirt to help raise awareness. If anyone is able to attend I would love the support.

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